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What is Speed Motorsport?

Speed sport consists of two closely related formats for motor sport events. Sprints are run round purpose built race circuits, one car at a time against the clock at Golspie, Boyndie, Alford and Kames. Hillclimbs are run on a tarmac road, against the clock and would you believe up a hill at Doune, Forrestburn and Fintray. Both are electronically timed to the hundredth of a second from start to finish. Normally the min amount of runs in one day is 2 practice runs and 2 timed runs. The fastest time on the day during the timed runs counts .

Is it very expensive?

It does not have to be. The amount of money you spend is determined largely by yourself. It is true that if you want to win Championships you need deep pockets. It does not affect the fun you can have at low cost and in fact sometimes it acts in your favour. Who wants to crash there very expensive car? The min safety mods cost very little and because you are competing against the clock on your own there is little risk to the car. If you damage your car there is no one else to blame but yourself

Is it safe?

All forms of motorsport entail a degree of risk and danger but the min safety requirements are there to ensure you are protected against most risks. The installation of a fire extinguisher and rollcage (optional) protect car. The wearing of a helmet and fire-proof race suit (mandatory) will protect your person in most situations. What we have to remember is that all events are run to strict guidelines laid down by the MSA with rescue vehicles (SMRMC) and GP in attendance at all events. You are probably safer driving the main straight at Knockhill at full race speed than driving into Aberdeen on the A96 within the speed limit.

Can I use my road car?

Most people compete in near std cars and you are competing against people in similar trimmed cars. Modified road cars make a excellent staring point for people entering the sport for the first time. A speed event is an easy way to find out if you will enjoy motorsport. Get a taste you bet. There is no need to feel intimidated at an event like this the first time you compete as 99% of the Competitors are very friendly. You are competing in a class that all the cars are of the same type all modified to within the same set of rules

What do I need to get started?

A car , hopefully you already have one You have to join a MSA affiliated car club, preferably one based in Scotland and involved in Speed sport Many clubs specialise in different types of motorsport like rallying, autotest and production car trials. Memberships range from £10 to £20 for a year. You need to apply for a MSA Comp licence. Fees star around £35 for a year and with that you get the Motorsport bible the ‘BLUE BOOK’ which contains the current MSA regs. Do you read it all? You require a Crash Helmet and Race suit that complies to MSA stds. These are checked by a qualified scrutineer at every event. An entry to a championship. This will give you specific regs for the class which you want to enter. Finally an entry to a speed event. What I would suggest before you go to your first event, get an experienced club member to check your car over as it will be scrutineered before it is allowed near the track to make sure it complies with regs.

How do I find out what would suit me?

What I would suggest to anyone starting off in motorsport is to look at as many diff events and see what they think would suit them. Get in contact with a local club for more advice and assistance. Someone there will be able to tell you about all the events, the Championships, classes and best way forward. Even if you are not ready to get started right away there are many ways in which you can help out within the club from marshalling to organising.

Were to now?

Once you decide on what you want to do simply turn up at the stated time on the final regs and someone from the organising club will guide you as to what to do. Listen to the officials at the event and do as they say as they are there to look after your safety. They are there to get the event running smoothly for everyone involved. I can guarantee you will have a fabulous time and love every min of your day. I can also guarantee that you will return to the following event for more.
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